Orkidstudio is a non-profit humanitarian design organisation whose focus is to benefit young people and communities worldwide through innovative and sustainable architecture, art and design. We believe that creativity has the power to inspire and instil pride within people regardless of race, nationality or circumstance and our aim is to explore the potential of architecture as a tool for relieving poverty and those affected by conflict or natural disaster.

In 2008 we ran The Mukono Project in Uganda and from there sprung our passion to use our various skills to raise awareness about the potential of architecture in humanitarian work. Our construction projects are primarily aimed at helping young people and during our time on site we run workshops in art, music, sport and assist with education. The children we work with are always kept at the heart of our work and, where safe and possible, involved in the development of the project. Often the design will include their artwork or crafts creating a real sense of ownership and community spirit.

We are currently working towards a second venture in Bolivia, called The Alalay Project, which will take place during the summer of 2010. Please visit www.thealalayproject.com for more information.

The other area of work that we are currently developing, called Global Splatter, is responsive and mobile architecture solutions for areas of conflict or natural disaster. Many of the biggest humanitarian problems arise from the sudden displacement of communities, where buildings are damaged or destroyed. The need for immediate emergency shelter is always an area of significant global debate and we are hoping to generate transient shelters to effectively assist in these situations.